Create your Online School!

At Peymac Consulting, our process for helping you create an amazing online school is simple. We provide:

1. Content Development- We work closely with you to create the content for your course.

2. High Quality and Detailed Videos- You are the star instructor! We just make sure we bring out all of your knowledge, to help you develop the highest level of quality in your content. We pride ourselves on capturing every detail, to provide an in-person experience for your students.

3. The Platform- We create an online school, where your students have access to the videos and course guides. We also create a forum, where your students can learn together, interact with you and build relationships.

4. Course Promotion- We provide you with promotional materials (one min eye catching videos!) to assist you in selling your courses online.

5. University Success- Our system has been proven to make the lives of instructors easier and help you expand your reach in teaching.

 Say Hello to the ability to teach thousands of students every year without hassle!

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