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Peymac Media specializes in assisting Business Owners with expanding their reach through video marketing. We do all things video and audio. So whether you have an event coming up or you need video for your Facebook Marketing campaign, we can help! Our clients have seen an increase in: Brand Awareness, Sales and Social Media Engagement because of our work and execution.

Unlike other media companies, we consult with you during the pre-production process to learn more about your business and your customers to ensure that your content is effective. After we create your targeted content, we than assist you with a marketing plan so that you can reach more people.

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“Peymac Consulting is the ultimate dream team! I crossed paths with the company just a few months ago with so many grand ideas that I just didn’t have the time to pursue. Nas stepped in and allowed me to do so while Ken brought every single vision I had to light. If you are too busy or working too hard to stop and think about your business as a whole, YOU NEED PEYMAC CONSULTING. They get the JOB DONE under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Don’t miss out on huge opportunities because you THINK you don’t NEED help. You do! You need Peymac . "


Owner/Operator, Tailored Crowns LLC and TC University


Nas Anderson has over 8 years of business experience. She has a M.A in Executive Leadership and is a certified LSSGB. A combination of innovative ideas, serve as vital tools for success. She understands how to execute your vision with the proper plan and creative direction and the finished project shows her thoughtfulness and dynamic creative approach

Ken Anderson has more than 10 years of experience in the Audio industry and is a ProTools certified Audio Engineer. His ability to make your vision come to life right before your eyes through video and audio is guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

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